Group Team-Board of Directors

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Board of directors: There are 5 directors in the board which two of them are independent directors. The board of directors sets up 4 different committees for strategy, audit, nomination and remuneration.


Mr. Feng Liang:

Chairman of the board of Putailai Group in November 2015.

Bachelor of Automation Degree from the South China University of Technology.

Master of Economics from Zhejiang University.

Industrial experience:

General Manager of Investment Department of Citic Group,

General Manager Assistant of Citic Group,

Fund manager/Director of Equity Investment Department of Citic Fund & AIG-Huatai Fund, 

CEO of Shanghai Yiyang Investment。 


Mr. William Chen: 

Board director since November 2015. 

General Manager of Putailai Group since November 2012. 

Bachelor of Precise Instrument from University of Science and Technology of China.

Industrial experience:

Senior manager of Dongguan SAE Process Department, SAE (1993-1999),

Engineering Director and Vice President of Engineering. ATL (1999-2010).


Dr. Zhongwei Han:

Board director since November 2015。 

VP, Secretary of the board and CFO of Putailai.  


Bachelor of International Finance degree from Nanjing University, 

Master of Economics from the University of Nottingham

PhD in Economics from Middlesex University. 


Prior to joining Putailai, Mr Han was the international business manager of Hangzhou Branch, China Merchants Bank, the Lecturer of Department of Economics, Middlesex University, 

Secretary of the board and CFO of Shanghai Metersbonwe 

Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Solar Power Group. 


Mr.Bin Yuan:

Independent Board director since September 2017。


Bachelor of Law from Southwest University of Political Science and Law,

Master of Procedural Law from East China University of Political Science and Law.


Manager of the company's management department, Shanghai Stock Exchange。 (July 2006 to March 2011)

General Manager of the Compliance Control Department, Huaying Securities Co。, Ltd。, 2011

General Manager of Quality Control Department and General Manager of Structured Finance Department.


Dr. Wang Huaifang:

Independent director of Putailai.


Bachelor of Applied Mathematics from Fudan University,

Ph.D. in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.


Associate professor in the Department of Teaching and Research, Shanghai National Accounting Institute since 2006

Industry researcher at the Shenyin Wanguo Securities Research Institute,

Manager of the Basic Research Department of the Tiantong Securities Research Institute,

Director of the Shanghai Rongchang Asset Management Institute,

Deputy GM Shanghai Liuhe Investment Company






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