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Research and development strength

        Our research and development seek inspiration from our future sustainable projects. Putailai invests highly on research funding, values their senior technical professionals and  cultivates new talents.


        Putailai has positively collaborated with nationwide prestigious universities, scientific research institutions and specialised customers. Combined with the ideology of “produce, learn and research”, we proud ourselves to be the technical leader in the lithium-ion battery industry.


Structure of R&D team
Dedicated to the group’s development strategy, our Strategic Product R&D Department cooperates in market development and targets cutting-edge technologies in new materials and applications.

       Every subsidiary has its own steady and well-structured R&D team which consists of talents with doctor’s and master’s degrees. Lots of experimental research and technological innovation research have been conducted around new products and new process, forming the unique competitive advantages in the lithium-ion battery industry.

Coordinated efforts of Putailai, universities, research institutions

        During the products and technologies’ R&D activities, hsfksb.combines self-reliant innovations and cooperative innovations. Our uses of external resources, promotes technological development and transformation. We collaborate with nationwide prestigious universities, scientific research institutions and leading companies.

        Under the corporation, Jiangxi Zichen established a long-term partnership with many famous institutes, including the Physics Department of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences and East China University of Science and Technology. Jiangxi Zichen and Physics Department of Chinese Academy of Sciences have collaborated in research on High Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries and Nano Silicon Carbon Anode Materials and organized a team to make the SinoLion sample. In addition, they jointly built a special experimental base in Jiangxi Fengxin production base.

        In aiding Zichen’s production, Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences makes some specific research。 Zichen also cooperates with East China University of Science and Technology to conduct basic research。

        Zichen and Dongguan AMT work directly on product development with targeted partners to build long-term technical cooperation relationship. Moreover, Zichen has signed the agreement for anode materials with key customers for further applications, which decreases Zichen’s research costs and improves products’ consistency. Dongguan AMT also co-invented Stainless-Steel Lamination Film with clients, which has been applied National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program).


 Jiangxi Zichen: Anode Material

Jiangxi Zichen focuses on anode materials.

Mr. Feng, the GM, has more than 25 years of experience in the field of carbon.He is one of the inventors of the Carbon Microbeads Intermediate System (CMS) patent, the chief inventor of the FSN series product patent.

Zichen and Physics Department of Chinese Academy of Sciences already signed the agreement on patented technology about the new generation of silicon/carbon anode materials.Nano silicon/carbon composites(SiC composite anode materials)have the features of high storage capacities, high power supply capabilities and long endurance, which can be applied in large scale in consumer electronics and vehicles.



Dongguan AMT and AET: Separator coating and Aluminium Laminated Film

        In recent years, Dongguan AMT has followed the advanced international technologies, understood the industry trends, and fully used the current research. Thecooperation and technical exchange platform henceforth created multi-dimension R&D systems and successfully accomplished technological breakthrough of localization.




 Keaton: Nano-Alumina Power
Zhejiang Keaton is mainly engaged in Nano-alumina powder production and sales。

        The import substitution of high purity Nano ceramic powder in the industry has been on high demand since it began and still exceeds the supply. The company's first ceramic coating material Nano-alumina production line has been put into production. In addition to providing support for Dongguan Katop, it has gradually entered the domestic high-end market competition.

        The company focuses on the development of Nano ceramic powder and PVDF composite coating materials for separator, as well as Nano ceramic coating materials for anode materials。 The company's main research and development projects in the past three years include the development of PVDF coated alumina products, hydrophobic alumina products, boehmite products for ceramic separator, and alumina products。



 Shenzhen New Katop: Automation equipment
The development of the automation equipment is undertaken by Shenzhen New Katop。 The coating equipment has individualized features, high technical content and high R&D investment。 From the long-term development experience, New Katop has developed modular methods, formed a practical R&D resource, which greatly improved R&D efficiency。 New Katop divides the coating machine functions into four technical modules: die coating, tension control, rectification and drying。 Each module has its own test, control and execution sub-modules。 The modular technology can not only provide an overall quick solution but also enables further technical accumulation and precipitation。

        The R&D engineers divide customer’s complex requirements into relatively independent, highly reusable technical units and retrieve relevant modules from its automated knowledge management library. We personalize them and develop specific product ideas into solutions. Finally, complete the modules’ coordination and combination to  form a whole product system.





New Katop held a coating technology salon to discuss "self-innovate”

        Professor Dusit, a well-known German expert in the coating field, was invited to give a keynote speech. He detailly presented the new coating methods, cutting-edge coating technology, equipment as well as rapid convection drying. As a leading domestic R&D designer of coating machines, New Katop has cooperated with famous foreign companies in R&D on key components to introduce new technologies.



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