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Technology Leader

  Being a supplier of key materials and automation equipment for lithium-ion batteries with global technology and scale leadership, Putailai actively cultivates independent R&D team to differentiate new products and creates breakthroughs to the high-end market.

Zichen, New Katop, Dongguan AMT are high-tech companies which successively achieved technological leadership in the following:

Anode Materials-Jiangxi Zhichen Technology Co.



Zichen Technology uses unique raw material selection technology, isotropic processing of powder materials, surface modification and high-temperature heat treatment, widens the differentiation with similar products in the market to produce high-end anodes with international leading level。

The first discharge capacity of the key products is more than 360mAh/g;

the alignment (I004/I110) is less than 10;

the compacted density is above 1.7g/cm3;


80% of its initial capacity after 1,000 charge cycles.



Automation Equipment-Shenzhen New Katop 




New Katop ranks the first in the industry for the third consecutive year. As the pioneer of technological innovation in this field, it has taken the lead in developing a double closed-loop tension system to increase the tension accuracy within 100g. Moreover, it is the first in China to achieve coating film accuracy COV <0.2%, the first to introduce a double-sided automatic coating machine in China and the first to develop a high-speed wide-width double-sided coating machine for power batteries. 


Separator Coating-Dongguan AET



        Dongguan AET is one of the first companies involved in the research and industrialization of ceramic coatings in China. It has successfully developed the technology of Alpha Alumina Nano-ceramic coating on PP/PE separator. Now domestic advanced 7 Micron separator coating process can be competed stably in bulk with coating thickness of 1.5 microns.

        Dongguan AET has overcome three key technical challenges: high water content, increased permeability of the separator after coating, and high thermal shrinkage in ceramic coating. For example, in order to reduce the permeability of the separator’s increased rate after the coating, Dongguan AMT has optimized the coating slurry ratio, thoroughly stirred and dispersed by special equipment, treated the surface of the separator by special process, and applied the secondary pore forming. 

Aluminum Laminated Film-Dongguan AMT


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